Magic Leap – Part 1

Magic Leap Astronaut looking left

In January 2018, I was offered the opportunity to work at the greatest spatial computing startup in the world, Magic Leap. I was hired as an Software Development Kit (SDK) Test Engineer specializing in Unity integration. I quickly became the primary scenario tester of the team, writing many prototype augmented reality experiences and games utilizing Unity game engine with C#, targeting the soon to launch Magic Leap One.

Primary duties in this role consisted of regression testing and exploratory testing of the Magic Leap SDK, in particular as it related to the Unity engine. Finding, logging, communicating, and triage of interdepartmental issues and verifying fixes were daily tasks using Atlassian webtools, Confluence and Jira. I was also part of the initiative to automate much of the testing pipeline and test automation. In August of 2018, once the Magic Leap One was launched, I turned my focus back to my Master of Science in Data Science degree.