Twitter Analysis of Indie Game Tweets

Rainbow colored plot of tweets per day of week

In my first semester of my Master of Science in Data Science program, I had the opportunity of scraping tweets from Twitter and analyzing them in a project I proposed. My proposal was to analyze the most effective day of the week to tweet about indie game development to get the most traction. The project constraints were to write a one page paper to a non-technical audience utilize one week worth of tweets where I scraped myself. Programming and cleaning was done in Python using pandas and numPy with analysis and plotting done in R.


As my first real project in Data Science, I am very proud of my analysis. In retrospect, it would have really helped to have more data as well as more space to write. If you look solely at Plot1, it appears that the reason Saturday has the most retweets is because of an extreme outlier, which is not the case. I would have liked to make it more clear that it wasn’t the only thing making it the best choice. I may come back to this one some day, as I would really like to see what I come up with for best time of day.